Harris County

The 2018 midterm elections marked the first time more than 1 million Harris County residents turned out to vote in a nonpresidential election. The Harris County Clerk’s Office recorded a total of 1,209,358 votes by the end of Election Day, which included an absentee turnout of 855,711 that had already set a midterm county record. Harris County simply had far more registered progressive voters this election than in previous elections: the county added more than 120,000 voters to its rolls from 2016 and a net total of more than 260,000 from the previous midterm, the largest raw increase among Texas’ 254 counties.

With victories down the ballot, Harris County — the biggest battleground in ruby red Texas with a population larger than 25 other states — turned solidly blue. Democrats swept up seats in Congress and every open seat on the District bench. In District 7, an area that has been solidly Republican, Lizzie Pannill Fletcher won against U.S. Rep. John Culberson with 52.3 percent of the vote. District 29 celebrated their victory for Sylvia Garcia, the first Latina woman from Texas elected to Congress- who won 75.1 percent of the vote and replaced Rep. Gene Green. On the judicial front, Harris County voters voted out all 23 of the seats on the district bench that were up for grabs, including the 15 Republican misdemeanor judges.

County Judge: Lina Hidalgo
District Clerk: Marilyn Burgess
County Clerk: Diane Trautman
County Treasurer: Dylan Osborne
Commissioner, Precinct 2: Adrian Garcia
US House, District 7: Lizzie Pannill Fletcher
US House, District 9: Al Green
US House, District 18: Sheila Jackson Lee
US House, District 29: Sylvia Garcia
TX Senate, District 15: John Whitmire
TX House, District 131: Alma A. Allen
TX House, District 132: Gina Calanni
TX House, District 135: Jon E. Rosenthal
TX House, District 137: Gene Wu
TX House, District 139: Jarvis D. Johnson
TX House, District 144: Mary Ann Perez
TX House, District 145: Carol Alvarado
TX House, District 146: Shawn Thierry
TX House, District 147: Garnet F. Coleman
TX House, District 148: Jessica Cristina Farrar
TX House, District 149: Hubert Vo
Justice, 1st Court of Appeals Place 2: Gordon Goodman
Justice, 1st Court of Appeals, Place 6: Sarah Beth Landau
Justice, 1st Court of Appeals, Place 7: Julie Countiss
Justice, 1st Court of Appeals, Place 8: Richard Hightower
Justice, 1st Court of Appeals, Place 9: Peter Kelly
Chief Justice, 13th Court of Appeals: Dori Contreras
Justice, 13th Court of Appeals, Place 2: Nora Longoria
Justice, 13th Court of Appeals, Place 4: Rudy Delgado
Justice, 13th Court of Appeals, Place 5: Gina Benavides
Justice, 14th Court of Appeals, Place 3: Jerry Zimmerer
Justice, 14th Court of Appeals, Place 4: Charles Spain
Justice, 14th Court of Appeals, Place 5: Frances Bourliot
Justice 14th Court of Appeals, Place 6: Meagan Hassan
Justice, 14th Court of Appeals, Place 8: Meg Poissant
55th Court: Judge Latosha Lewis Payne
113th Court: Judge Rabeea Collier
157th Court: Judge Tanya Garrison
189th Court: Judge Scot Dollinger
190th Court: Judge Beau Miller
234th Court: Judge Lauren Reeder
269th Court: Judge Cory Sepolio
270th Court: Judge Dedra Davis
281st Court: Judge Christine Weems
295th Court: Judge Donna Roth
180th Court: Judge DaSean Jones
182nd Court: Judge Danilo Lacayo
183rd Court: Judge Chuck Silverman
184th Court: Judge Abigail Anastasio
185th Court: Judge Jason Luong
208th Court: Judge Greg Glass
209th Court: Judge Brian Warren
228th Court: Judge Frank Aguilar
230th Court: Judge Chris Morton
232nd Court: Judge Josh Hill
248th Court: Judge Gilary Unger
262nd Court: Judge Lori Chambers Gray
263rd Court: Judge Amy Martin
245th Court: Judge Tristan Longino
281st Court: Judge Angela Graces Harrington
247th Court: Judge Janice Berg
257th Court: Judge Sandra Peake
280th Court: Judge Barbara J. Stalder
308th Court: Judge Gloria Lopez
309th Court: Judge Linda Marie Dunson
310th Court: Judge Sonya Heath
311th Court: Judge Germaine Tanner
312th Court: Judge Clinton “Chip” Wells
313th Court: Judge Natalia Oakes
314th Court: Judge Michelle Moore
315th Court: Judge Leah Shapiro
Judge Alex Salgado (No. 1)
Judge Ronnisha Bowman (No. 2)
Judge Erica Hughes (No. 3)
Judge Shannon Baldwin (No. 4)
Judge David M. Fleischer (No. 5)
Judge Kelley Andrews (No. 6)
Judge Andrew A. Wright (No. 7)
Judge Franklin Bynum (No. 8)
Judge Toria J. Finch (No. 9)
Judge Lee Harper Wilson (No. 10)
Judge Sedrick T. Walker, II (No. 11)
Judge Cassandra Y. Holleman (No. 12)
Judge Raul Rodriguez (No. 13)
Judge David L. Singer (No. 14)
Judge Tonya Jones (No. 15)
Judge George Barnstone (No. 1)
Judge Jim F. Kovach (No. 2)
Judge LaShawn A. Williams (No. 3)
Judge William “Bill” McLeod (No. 4)
Judge Jerry Simoneaux (No. 1)
Judge Michael Newman (No. 2)
Judge Jason Cox (No. 3)
Judge James Horwitz (No. 4)
County Judge: KP George
District Clerk: Beverley McGrew Walker
County Commissioner, Precinct 4: Ken R. DeMerchant
District Attorney (268th District): Brian Middleton